Tronxy X5ST – 400 3D Printer vs Tronxy XY-3 3D Printer

Comparison of Tronxy X5ST – 400 3D Printer and Tronxy XY-3 3D Printer

Tronxy X5ST – 400 3D Printer:
Large Printing Size and Resume Print ——-TRONXY X5ST-400 with large print size 400*400*400mm. It has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs.
Regarding taxes—–If it is shipped from China, the products are not tax-included. If the goods arrive in the importing country, you need to pay the tax yourself. Please well noted.
Filament Sensor——When there is no filament detected, a beeping alarm will be issued. After replacing the filament, click on the print you can continue printing. save a lot of time and trouble
Cube Full Metal Square——The square structure makes the printer very fixed, and the metal material strengthens the stability, making the printing process more stable and smooth.
After sale—— TRONXY will provide lifetimeTechnical support,will give you a satisfactory answer.Meanwhile TRONXY will strict testing for key components before delivery and life-time technical supports.

Tronxy XY-3 3D Printer:
LARGE PRINT PLATE PRO 3D PRINTER: With a generous print volume (310x310x330mm), XY-3 offers amazing print quality, making it one of the best 3D printers for professional use. XY-3 is incredibly reliable when it comes to producing lager 3D models, and the accuracy of the 3D replications is incredibly impressive. If you need a large 3D printer that can reliably reproduce many 3D objects accurately, try TRONXY XY-3.
4 STEP INSTALLATION: The XY-3 3D printer is one of the best quality desktop 3D printers on the market. It arrives at your doorstep 99% pre-assembled and calibrated, complete with a toolkit, unpacking guide, and step-by-step manual. Customer only needs 4 step to finish the rest installation in few minutes, making maintenance super easy.
FULL COLOR LCD CONTROLLER: This affordable LCD 3D printer with full-color LCD controller touch screen is truly a great tool – it allows you to view and select files easily, making your printing process run all the more smooth. The recommended layer height is between 0.1-0.4 mm and can achieve print speeds of up to 100mm/s.
WIRELESS PRINTING: Features wireless printing through an SD Card with a diverse, multi-faceted graphic LCD controller – Never get caught up in wires again! With the ability to print via your SD Card, you now have the liberty to move about with your computer while your 3D printer works.
Upgraded Version: XY-3 upgraded most details like adjustable nuts and heat dissipation. The magnetic build plate sticker works perfectly when printing, you can take off the model only in seconds, no more worrying about ruing the model.


  • Tronxy X5ST – 400 3D PrinterTronxy XY-3 3D Printer
  • Brand
    Tronxy Tronxy
  • Price
    $489.44 $379.90
  • Color
    Black Black
  • Dimension
    65.00 x 44.00 x 19.00 cm 58.80 x 54.40 x 52.90 cm
  • Weight
    13.5000 kg 9.5000 kg
  • Website
  • Buy Now

3D Printers Technical Specifications

  • Tronxy X5ST – 400 3D PrinterTronxy XY-3 3D Printer
  • Model
    X5ST - 400 XY-3
  • Print Speed
    2-100mm/s max. 100mm/s
  • Compatible OS
    WinXP/Win7/MacOS Windows, Linux, Mac, etc
  • Build Platform
    Aluminum Alloy + Glass Aluminum Alloy
  • Build Volume
    400mm*400mm*400mm 310 x 310 x 330mm
  • Layer Thickness
    0.1-0.4mm 0.1-0.4mm
  • Engraving Accuracy
    0.1mm 0.1mm
  • LCD Screen
    Yes Yes
  • Supporting Material
  • Frame Material
    Aluminium Extrusion Aluminium Extrusion
  • Material Diameter
    1.75mm 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Quantity
    Single Single
  • Nozzle Diameter
    0.4mm 0.4mm
  • Connector Type
    SD card,USB SD card,USB

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